iLife.... playing catch up

Too late to post about Christmas? Playing a little bit of catch up here..
 My in-laws sure know how to celebrate Christmas. Magical, I tell ya...
1. Cookie baking day// 2. cookbook from 1950 used every year
3. Andrew's new pjs from me... I've been wearing them every night since// 4. Andrew's parent's house
1. Sibs // 2. Cousin Isaac 
3. I love my Grandma // 4. Painting of us by a friend (gift from Andrew)
5. Mom, me, Aunt, Sister, Grandma // 6. Dad and his new fishing gear

 I was blessed to see every member of my entire family on all sides in a span of 4 days. Just realized that! Wow! The neat thing is that my family spreads all over the country and we were all able to make our way together over Christmas/New Years. A few days prior to Christmas, members of my immediate family were in 4 different states, technically 5 (since my sis moved across state lines that week). Anywho, great times were had by all. And most importantly, we were reminded of Christ's birth. So thankful and blessed to have a loving savior.
My favorite part of Christmas was when my sweet hubs came to say goodnight (I was a bit of a party pooper and needed to go to sleep earlier than the rest of the clan after working the night prior) and wanted to pray together and thank God for this year's blessings. So grateful for his kind, godly spirit.

Okay, all caught up. Now I can move on with January. Can't believe it's 2013....
Our tree is still up... On today's agenda to de-christmafi the apartment...