Carribean Cruise | Part 2

I'm not even sure where to begin. For fear that this trip won't be documented like a few trips in the past, I have just quickly placed oodles of photos here in complete random order (in part due to the various cameras used on this trip -iPhone, SLR, under water camera, iPad, etc). 

Our cruise disembarked out of Galveston, TX (Getting there was a whole day's journey with long layovers). Port stops included Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, & Cozumel, Mexico.  Each and every day had something special to offer whether it be resting up and relaxing on sea days or excursions on port days. All together, I think it sums it up to say that Andrew and I are thoroughly hooked on cruises. The ever-changing atmosphere and agenda keeps things spicy and interesting. It's difficult to be at a loss for what to do or see and better yet- it's stress free! No carrying around a smartphone or maps or stressing about where to eat next or what to do next. In my mind, it may just be nearing the top of the list for our favorite way to vacation. It was so much fun to have Andrew join the whole family vacation this year too- vacationing is much more fun together.
Roatan, Honduras
Snorkel day with family
City tour
Wild monkeys
Beach bumming
Intricate coral reefs
Andrew had a fight with some fire coral---ouchies!

Belize City, Belize
 Cave tubing Excursion
1.5 hr bus ride to jungle
30 min hike with tubes and gear
Authentic Belizian rice and beans dish
Gorgeous blue/green waters

Cozumel, Mexico
We swam with dolphins!!!!
...and Manatees!!!
Sea Lion Show
Chankanaab National Park
Snorkel time
Gorgeous Beach

Get ready for oooooodles of pics! I just couldn't resist...


We really want to take an Alaskan cruise next... Okay, it may be many years out thanks to med school. Someday!