Awesome & Awkward

  • Setting the smoke alarm off in our apartment 2 nights in a row before work. Oops! 
  • Feeling like I'm on reality tv with some of my patients these past few weeks. If only I could divulge more... Sure keeps things interesting. That's all I'm going to say. 
  • A bold slew of birds (this one pictured above was part of the clan) who grabbed Andrew's sandwich out of his hands during our snowshoeing day. They were i.n.s.a.n.e. & had zero reservations. Ruthless. 
  • The left over mashed potatoes that stayed in our fridge for one month too long... did that just make you gag, because I definitely did. 
  • One of my patients interrupting "bedside RN to RN report" to ask how old I am. Rudely, might I add. That sure put me in a great mood at the start of a shift. Not.
  • Dance parties with Andrew... they make getting the house cleaned so much more fun
  • Breakfast dates with sweet friends 
  • Car shopping... except my eyes are bigger than our budget...
  • Paying off my school loans!!! Feels so good! 
  • Grapefruits.... I'm literally obsessed- Can't get enough. NINE for $3. Thanks Freddies. Yeah buddy.