Self Timer Fun

 You want to know what makes for a fun afternoon activity? Attempting to self timer your own Christmas card picture. It was freezing, we were on a jogging/biking path, carrying our kitchen stool, big camera bag, and our coats. Found the perfect spot to set up (with the stool/camera duo right in the middle of the path of course). We took turns aiming, focusing, and running to the correct spot within the 10 second window. We ended up with at least 20 attempts and came away with maybe 3 usable pics. Oh dear... 

The numerous runners/walkers just laughed and some even offered to take a picture for us. It was far more fun doing it ourselves and I knew that it would be harder to explain how to use the camera to the stranger anyway.

This one isn't on our Christmas card- but it makes me smile. Too bad I was silly and didn't order enough cards for everyone I want to send one to. Lesson learned for next year.