Eternally Safe

It's impossible not to think about it, 
Cry about it, pray it never happened,
The innocent children gone and then,
A nation torn in tears and sorrow.

If only... we say,
Maybe someday...

But you see,
While we cry and drop our heads in despair,
The evil one smirks and yells, "how's this for fair?"

Full lives unlived,
Whole hearts to love,
Potentials and futures left to only imagine.

Our Father is heartbroken and sad,
So confused was this lad.

He cries for those hurting while holding close,
A classroom of friends eager to learn,
But for the lost, still he yearns. 
20 young souls gaze down and say,
Don't yet lose hope, if I may,
I was greeted by a perfect Father.
Strong, mighty, loving, merciful.
I was welcomed with Angels' song and trumpets playing,
I'm now fully alive and fully loved.
 Take heart,
Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with my God. 
Join me, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads,
It's hard to believe with such tragedy, 
but I'm safe now. 

I'm eternally safe.
I'm eternally alive.

I'm held tight and warm. 
I'm finally home. 
That world was not mine, 
As safe and sound as it seemed. 
That world is not your home. 
For this my Father has deemed.
Live true and right, 
Though it's hard to find the way,
And with all your might,
Walk with my Father each day,
In the midst of terror and fright,
Join me, I say.
Look up, have faith, find truth. 
For this I pray.

My heart breaks for these families, this community, this nation. I find peace in reminding myself that this is not my home.