Fried chicken or chicken fried steak? Those are your options. Add some creamy mashed potatoes, corn, the most delicious biscuits you ever did have, and a sweet salad, and man oh man.... scrumptious! How could I forget the perfect sweet tea, friendly staff, and hodgepodge decor...  What a great outing. 

I took a short weekend trip to Texas to celebrate my Grandmas' birthdays (they share the same bday) and visit for a few days. The 75+ warm weather was a welcomed bonus. I was able to treat these two lovely ladies with a dinner at the original Babes and we even got lucky with a christmas parade through town. I'm adding "learn how to make good southern biscuits" to my 2013 to-do list. High priority. Mmmmmhh, so good. 

If you're ever in the Dallas Fortworth area, hit up Babes!