Awesome & Awkward

 Awesome & Awkward

Staying up until the wee hours of the morning because our bedroom smoke alarm is out of batteries and wired to alarm throughout the apartment complex if we tried to take it apart... consequently, we ended up snuggling up on our guest twin bed trying to block out the high pitched BEEEEEP and sleeping in until noon... ok, I slept until 3 but then went to work all night, I promise!

One of my patients hating me because every time I walked in her room, her baby started whaling... "How are you doing?" "Fine until you walked in...". Those were her words! Eeeeek!

Enjoying a pizza-making-feast for my brother-in-law's birthday. It was my two favorites meshed into one- arts & crafts and eating! Yum!

Literally falling out of my chair at the nurses station. Only my preceptee nursing student saw. That's right, Ashley, follow my lead! Oh, I forgot to mention there are cameras all over our unit. Super Nurse right here! 

Getting to use my parent's vehicle for a few weeks- I feel like a soccer mom except without the whole being a mom part... Gotta work on that :/

Feeling blessed with some amazing friends this week. So thankful.

Holding little Isaac (7month old cousin that I help watch) and squating down to pick up something I dropped..... but ending up on my bum.... in the parking garage... I don't think anyone saw. No one was hurt. 

One of my patients insisting that the photo on my badge was not me. "Looks absolutely nothing like you" as she stares back and forth between my face and my badge. I guess working nights has morphed me into someone else.

Meeting up with my brother for a 30 minute overlap at the airport. Listen up single ladies, he's a stud.

Just a few more days of class for Andrew until a little winter break.... cannnnnnot wait....