Welcome. | Guest Room/Office

Welcome to our little guest room/office/everything random room. It serves us well when guests come to stay (like the hopeful interviewing medical-students who start coming this week), and when friends and family members are in town. It also serves as Andrew's office (behind where I'm standing to photograph is a large desk). It isn't anything grandiose or extra special. It currently has a playful, young look to it. Regardless, it is home to some special finds such as: 

Animal prints from a Portland antique store
Lavender from Portland Wednesday Market
 My childhood Mirror/Canvas piece (explained below) & childhood dresser

If you missed the post of our living room area, here it is. A few things have changed since then... 

Planning to make a burlap flag bunting to replace the current flags that don't match anything in the room (from this baby shower).
This mirror/canvas piece has lived it up starting out as a lime green & pink floral piece (I don't have a pic) that came with my parent's house when they purchased it. It then transformed into an 8th grade masterpiece. Yes- Stary Night with red trim. Lovely right? In my middle school eyes, this beauty was quite the accomplishment. It then resided in my folk's garage for many years until now. Welcome to our little apartment big guy. A little bit of greyish paint trim and chalkboard spray paint later and I'd say it fits in quite nicely. Okay, you caught me. As you'll see below, it took me a while to say goodbye to my Stary Night masterpiece. Alas, it has passed and a chalkboard with endless possibilities is present. The paint job sure isn't the cleanest, but that can be easily fixed another day. 
Stary Night and red paint... goes perfectly together right? Ha, I think I ran out of other colors and was left with red.
Trying to let Stary Night stay...
In progress photo
Current room

 Thanks for visiting via the blog. Now you know that a quaint little bedroom awaits you (there's a trundle too for an extra sleeper). Come visit!