Hubs + Med School Update

Oh how I wish that I came up with this idea. You see, Andrew loves dinos. A lot. He's even got a pretty impressive raptor imitation. I showed him this shirt and he just about woke the neighbors laughing... only because of how much fun he would have wearing this on a daily basis and how unprofessional he would appear amongst his medical school classmates and professors.So great.

Speaking of medical school... I'd say it's time for an update. He's working away and studying hard. He gets to spend time in the clinic each week seeing patients along side his family practice physician preceptor. He seems to be greatly enjoying his time there and feels confident and affirmed in his desire to be a family practice doc. The things he is learning are far past my knowledge (unless we're talking OB of course) and it is sure neat to see his understanding of the human body and health complexities expanding. He still plays intramural soccer each week and is involved in a few other extracurriculars- but mostly, he just goes to class, clinic, and studies away. Let's not forget about his prime "studying" spot on the couch where there just so happens to be a football game on... muted of course...
And I may or may not be responsible for introducing a few tv show marathons here and there (Homeland, Downton Abby... oops!). I need to work on distracting him less.

Most importantly, he's still loving it and I'm still loving supporting my husband do what he is called to do. It's such a blessing and God's provision has been mighty clear. Thankful.