A friend in the forest

I mostly consider myself to be an introverted person, but I do find myself energized after spending time with dear friends. Especially friends who share much in common. I'm so thankful for my friend McKenzie and the time we get to spend together. She lives in the most beautiful home far out in the country. It's energizing to drive through the country roads, up and down the many hills, and through pastures of horses, cows, and the cutest barns you ever did see. It's quite lovely. In fact, it makes me want to move out to the country as soon as possible. It even makes me want to put on some grungy boots, grab a rake, and start cleaning a chicken coop... okay, too far. But for reals, I do want chickens some day. 

Anyways, we had a lovely time walking hiking (I'm ridiculously sore... so embarrassing) and catching up. It really was just a walk- but there was a killer hill and an excited pup that was pulling us onward. 

Besides a spontaneous Mexican food date at my fav restaurant with the mister, this friend date and lovely forest was one of the highlights of my short weekend. How about you?