Summer Lighthouse Trip | Day One

Back in the end of June, prior to Andrew's AF training, we took a week off and fled away together to enjoy & explore the one-of-a-kind Oregon coast. We decided to base the trip on seeing as many Oregon Lighthouses as possible. It gave us some structure, yet still allowed for a ton of spontaneity. It was perfect and could not have been a better week. I would hands down do it all over again and leave right this minute if I could. 

Yes, you did read it correctly, this vacation took place way back in June. I know I'll want to look back on the trip, so- better late than never right? 

Day 1

The trip officially began on Sunday in Astoria, Oregon. We climbed up the Astoria Column overlooking where the Colombia River and Pacific Ocean meet. It was a gloomy day, but that didn't matter one bit. The views were gorgeous and the sun later made an appearance. The car was diligently packed by my sweet man with a large tub of snacks & drinks. We planned to just snack and eat peanut butter sandwiches during the days and find a spot for dinner each night.

Astoria Column


We then made our way down highway 101, stopping along the way at various view points. First official lighthouse stop= Tillamook Rock. Unfortunately, this is the closest we could get to the lighthouse. But the photo below shows a closer-up look at it. Lighthouse #1- check!
"Wait I have peanut butter on my face!"

We stopped for ice cream & free cheese samples at Tillamook Cheese Factory. Delish! 
Lighthouse #2-  Cape Mears. Getting to this lighthouse included at least a 2 mile hike... in flip flops... because of a road closure. Unanticipated. But we enjoyed the mossy trees and chirping birds!
 The sun came out right in time!  
After a few more spontaneous stops along the way, we reached our favorite beach (Pacific City) in time for an evening walk in the sand. I recall the sand being perfectly warmed from the day's sun. We watched the many surfers and love birds snuggling in for the upcoming sunset.

We then continued on our way down 101 to the Coho Oceanfront Lodge in Lincoln City. Modern & cozy - we definitely recommend it! Our nightly routine started on night one with hot tubbing, a movie, and talking about our favorite spots from the day.


Stay tuned for accounts from the rest of the trip!