Nature Walk

Fall was in the air this weekend! The cooler, clean air, combined with yellow leaves falling all around us made for the perfect Saturday afternoon nature walk in NW Portland's Forest Park.  

I've previously visited this beautiful area with friends and blogged about it here and here. But, this time, my Mister joined me and we tried an entirely different area. We explored! With 8 miles full of trails and forest, there is much to explore. Truth be told, when the option came for us to take the 'hikers only' path (off shoot from the bikers/walkers path), I got spooked and insisted we stay on the larger biking path. We hadn't seen a single soul and the fact that I still can't get the tv show, Walking Dead out of my head =  scared-y cat Jenna.

We still had a great time and stopped many times to enjoy the nature surrounding us. 


I've always loved nature walks. My sweet 4th grade science and math teacher, Mr. Sullivan, often took us on nature walks. We learned about marsh lands as we captured minos and brought them back to the classroom, learned about bees as they bzzz'd past us in the flower fields, and learned about the types of clouds by going outside to see them first hand. I'm so grateful for that year of learning and nature walks. 

I'll share more from our walk tomorrow & our favorite nature discovery.