Matching & Bridges

 Anybody else notice how we are matching? Oh boy, are the old couple matchy match days already upon us? The great part is that we noticed it right away and both of us were too lazy to change. (yes this was from the same day as our nature walk)

Can we also talk about how much I love bridges... Andrew loves them too. Much of our living room and apartment art is composed of bridges, buildings, and maps that are special to us or have some sort of significance. I'd really like to add this amazing Portland Bridge piece to our collection. The bridge photographed above is St. Johns bridge.

One awesome thing about being married to your best friend is liking many of the same things. Still working on him liking country music... Slowly making progress; very slowly. Though he'll deny it at all costs!  Love my man!

PS- As I write this post, the fall breeze from our open porch door is blowing by, I'm sipping on my warm white mocha, and the cherry on top is a sweet little (not so little anymore) baby Isaac sleeping on my chest in a Moby wrap. So many of my favorite things at once!