Lighthouse Trip | Day Two

Due to the amazing scenery, day #2 was probably my favorite day of the entire trip (Here's Day #1 if you missed it). Newport's Yaquina Head Lighthouse is quite the looker! Even better is the natural area surrounding the lighthouse including the seals, cobble stones, tide pools, many different types of birds, and walking trails. The Interpretive Center staff is awesome too as they beam with great pride while teaching visitors about this area and it's inhabitants. We could have spent more than just a couple of hours here and sure hope to go back. My photographer self could have spent many hours just taking pictures- ah, it was amazing (and I have far too many photos than those shown here of this place). Lighthouse #3- Check!

We continued onward. South on 101. Starbucks frappe in hand. Listening to one of the many cd mixes made by Andrew (he makes  at least one mix for every trip we take. Always brings back memories when listening to those cds later).

 In an attempt to find lighthouse #4- Yaquina Bay Lighthouse- we stopped at the above pictured spot. On our iPhone maps, it appeared that the lighthouse should be close, and we figured we could find it by looking down the coastline. Nope. Searched around, used up some good ol' 3 & 4G searching. Gave up- but found ourselves in absolute awe of this quiet little landscape. Just behind us was an artist painting the view. No one else was around. It was quaint and beautiful. 

We later looked up what we should have found-
This is Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, via. Not terribly sad that we couldn't find it. Lighthouse #5= Missed- oops!

Off we drove, along the gorgeous coastline toward Heceta Head Lighthouse, located north of the city of Florence-  Making a few stops along the way to hike, eat, and take in God's creation of course. 

We were very excited to see Heceta Head as it is claimed to be the most photographed lighthouse in the world!
Devil's Churn
Much to our dismay (as you an see above), the actual lighthouse was under construction. Even worse was the jackhammering and loud construction noises interrupting the peaceful air. We were quite bummed. Lighthouse #6-  check! Next stop: the Sea Lion Caves!
Check out those blubbery guys! Oh man, were they stinky! There we were, watching these guys in their habitat- doing what sea lions do. All we wanted was to see a killer whale come up and attack one of the swimmers. Too harsh? Well, that's what happens...

The last stop of the day was to see the unimpressive Umpqua River Lighthouse. It resides on a small US Coast Guard base. Though a pleasant area with a 1950's feel, nothing else much to say about it. I'm still glad we stopped though.  Lighthouse #6- Check!

We continued driving toward Coos Bay to stay for the night where we found a little oriental food to fill our hungry tummies. What a wonderful day it was! Six Five lighthouses in 2 days- making progress! Day #3 was planned to be our "relaxing day." Stay tuned...