Fall Fest Weekend | Part 1

 To kick off Fall Fest weekend, we headed out to the boonies for some apple picking (Bell's Orchard). You'd think that this would be a popular fall weekend attraction; but thanks to the heavy rain, we had the place all to ourselves. Quite literally. It was perfect. Thanks to the rain, I also got very few photos.

Muddy boots, Costco Pizza, & 40 pounds of apples later, we had ourselves an apple pie making party. 

Andrew, Brandon, Sam- Med School buddies 

'Twas a great start to the weekend! 

Saturday called for football, food, and lounging. What else could our tired med student hubbies ask for? Catherine and I worked away in the kitchen and the boys enjoyed being couch potatoes.

Catherine had the house perfectly decorated for a fall football day. She even made some delicious sweet tea in perfect southern style. Yum. Can't get enough sweet tea.

The following treats were made and devoured (click on link for recipe):  

Bloomin' Onion Cheese Bread
Bacon-Wrapped Water chesnuts
Chesse-Chile Queso 

This was just half of the full fall fest weekend. More to come!