Sunny in Seattle

There once was a group of friends that ventured up to Seattle for a jam-packed 24 hours of fun & sun. So thankful for gorgeous weather, fabulous friends, & a beautiful city. Riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island was probably a highlight- it was beyond breathtaking. 

 What are your favorite Seattle activities? Do share!

We are so grateful to have friends with so much in common & who love the Lord- what a blessing!
(All the guys are in Medical school & all of us gals are RNs.) Little Sam is a Doctor or Nurse in training, I'm sure...

 Still waiting for your fav Seattle activities! Let's hear them!

PS- I got home from the trip & baked Christine's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (after a long nap)... you must try baking them! Mmmmhhh, so good!