Makes me smile

These sweet chubby baby cheeks and precious little hands make me smile. Let's not even talk about those curious, attentive, bright eyes and contagious little smile.
 This is our little cousin, Isaac, adopted by Andrew's Aunt and Uncle. He's such a blessing and we love spending time with him! Check out this article that shares a little bit more of his story.

Speaking of adoption, have you seen Ashley Ann's blog? Its a favorite of mine- so real, beautiful, and such a sweet family- but be ready with a few tissues! They just adopted the sweetest little girl from China. Start with this post if low on time, but be sure to explore around.

*photos aren't the best quality, but still fun!*

My poor future children are going to be over photographed...   Can you capture too many moments of somebody growing up? Not sure, but if so, that's what will likely happen.

PS- Happy Birthday to my little (6ft- not so little) brother! Love you buddy!