Less Scary, More Sneaky

Here are a few instagram pics from the past few weeks to enjoy while you scroll down to read the least favorite part of my job...  Enjoy!

One of the least favorite parts of my job is having to wake people up in the middle of the night. First of all, it happens rarely because unlike common thought, people in the hospital don't really sleep at night- at least on mother baby they don't. But, when they've finally fallen asleep and baby is actually asleep and quiet, wouldn't you know that at that moment, I would need to go in their room. Of course! So- the best scenario is when I can just sneak in, turn off an IV pump, empty a foley bag, check on baby, etc without waking anyone up. I like this scenario. Mostly. Except that it can be terribly awkward when I think I'm being super sneaky and everyone is asleep.... I tip toe in, use my super duper night vision skills, pre-emptively press silence buttons up the whazoo if needed, and am just about done when "AHHH" screams/jumps the mom or dad. They look around, get re-oriented to where they are and I whisper my apologies and what I am doing; all is well. BUT, I hate doing that! I hate making people scare and jump. I leave the room and can't help but laugh and add another unsuccesful sneak attack to my numbers. 

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm often times quite successful! I have often times taken baby's vital signs without mom & dad even waking. Creepy right? Better yet, I'll walk into rooms and find baby in mom's arms while she's fast asleep in bed (this is a no no). I'll try to wake mom gently and when she doesn't easily wake (and is snoring like a lion might I add), I'll just pick baby up out of her arms and place babe back into the bassinet all tucked in. She hasn't a clue it ever happened (I of course discuss it with her later as a learning opportunity when she's awake). Extra creepy, right? Which is exactly why babe shoudn't be in mom's arms in bed while she's 1. She's absolutely exhausted, 2. She's likely on pain meds, 3. She's unaccustomed to sleeping with a newborn.

All this to say, I'm starting another stretch at work and I'm hoping to not scare anyone this week. It's the little things right?