Embroidery Hoop Cork Boards

 Meet my good friend Laura- a current pharmacy student and darn awesome gal. She wanted a little bit of help redecorating/organizing her apartment and so we jumped right to work this weekend! One of the projects we accomplished is this functional, yet fun, wall decor: Embroidery Hoop Cork Boards. She can push pin important reminders, photos, quotes, you name it... or just leave it plain! Yes, yes, we've seen this on pinterest, and I even did this project myself a few months ago. But, I haven't seen the use of cork boards with the hoops. So- here you have it!
1. Purchase embroidery hoops of different sizes, cork board with adhesive stick on one side, and fabric
2. Using an exacto knife, cut cork board slightly smaller than desired hoop sizes
3. Cut fabric slightly larger than desired hoop sizes. Place fabric in hoop and trim edges of fabric.
4. Place sticky side of cork board to wall
5. Hang finished hoops over circled cork boards on wall in fun pattern! 

This project only took a few minutes to complete and cost around $35- though I'm sure with discount fabric, you could do it for much cheaper!
I suggest choosing at least 3 different fabrics. One solid color (with texture is always nice- like this blue/green burlap), one larger patterned fabric (like polka dots here), and one smaller patterned fabric (Laura chose the pink floral). The colors of her fabrics match other colors in her room and really help tie things together. She can always easily change out fabric later if wanted too!
Bring the Nurse that I am, instead of my eyes being drawn to the project here, I'm drawn to my arm/hand veins.... and how easily I could get an IV in those stinkers... awwwhh yeahhh...   Anybody else? Nobody? ok... forget it...just a Nurse moment there.

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