Sweet Summer Nights: Vista House & Multnomah Falls

Oh, summer bliss! Every free minute between working and sleeping (need more of that) has been spent soaking up every ounce of sun, summer, friends/fam, and the the gorgeous outdoors.

I am in love with Oregon summers and the countless beautiful places to explore and enjoy. We're taking advantage of every moment we can get before med school starts up again for Andrew. 

Portland is turning out to be the perfect place for us to live in this time of our marriage and young lives. What a blessing to be so near to beautiful scenery; praise God for this opportunity and memorable time together.

We spent a late afternoon last week at Vista House, light hiking at Multnomah Falls, and another surprise place (tomorrow's post) that I've always wanted to go to. We then enjoyed a nice "Portlandy" dinner at a new favorite: Tasty & Sons. Mmmh, so good! You MUST go- though I like the lunch/brunch menu better than the dinner menu.
PS- Happy Birthday Mom! Love you so much!
{taken via iPhone and edited with instagram}