It was magical timing

 There we were, headed to Multnomah Falls, driving through beautiful winding roads with the Columbia river just past our view. Green at every glance and wind blown branches beneath our tires. Little cottages and farms fit perfectly in every country cove. And then we saw it- a white sign that read, "Lavender Field ahead." My heart jumped; I gasped; Andrew looked at me with a smirk because we had just finished talking about how I still wanted to go to a lavender field before the summer was over. It was magical timing. 

The field was small, the farm was quaint. We were the only visiters. It was perfect. Every sense was engaged. The bees bzzzzzz'd, the scent of lavender filled my nares, the sun's heat warmed my bare skin, the sights were gorgeous, and I even enjoyed a cold lemonade upon returning to the car. This little stop on the side of the road may have lasted less than 10 minutes, but it was glorious and the perfect little summer surprise.