Awesome & Awkward

  • The old scruffy-looking man at Starbucks that very confidently stated, "It's okay. I'm 82. I can look at you girls..."   Ummmm.... excuse me? "And with that, I'll leave..." as he gets up and walks away. 
  • Riding in elevators with people at our apartment... why can't people just smile and say hello? So awkward...
  • Catching myself singing out loud with earphones in at a coffee shop. Oops! 
  • While at a delivery a while ago, I said, "Wow, a red head! He's precious!"... and the new mom said something along the lines of, "Ohhh nooooo, it'll wash out right? Noooo." Interesting response...
  • A full beach weekend with best friends from college. It's so nice to reconnect and reminisce!
  • Getting my rings cleaned. So sparkly! Working as a nurse does a number on my poor rings.
  • Photographing this lovely gal
  • Getting to work in the ridiculously beautiful brand new children's hospital for the a while (temporary move for our unit). Get ready to see some Portland skyline pics over the next few weeks.
  • Having my hubs home & enjoying the last 2 weeks of summer with him. (We enjoyed trips like this one, & this one)
  • Checking things off my summer do to list...  (Now that I know more about this great city, I'd add much more to the list. Working on a favorite Portland spots list...) 
  • Looking forward to visits from 2 very special people next week and the week after. Can't wait!
  • My Birthday is next week! 24... feeling old right now

Bolt time!
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!