US Air Force


Today is a good day to tell you...

A year ago, my husband was commissioned into the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. Yes, there are great benefits, yes he will serve active duty time after medical school & residency, and no I could not respect him more for what he is doing. It's difficult to explain the thoughts, feelings, and prayers that went into this decision without sharing too much or getting too personal. However, I can tell you that we look forward to what this time in our lives will offer. We look forward to traveling, to meeting new people, to serving this country, and to being a part of a long lasting legacy of men, women, and families who have sacrificed so much for the freedom we have today. In addition, this path will allow Andrew to follow his passions in caring for the under-served as a physician while both in the military and later in life for a multitude of reasons. All in all, and what pulls my heart strings most is the fact that this is how my husband has chosen to provide, both for us and our some-day children. Not just financially, but emotionally as well. If you know Andrew, you know that this is not something he has been dreaming to do since he was a young boy. But, if you know Andrew, you know that he is an incredibly hard worker; he is mentally and physically strong; he makes the best out of any situation; and he thrives when challenged. Furthermore, if you saw him playing with his box of airplanes, army men, and tanks from his childhood room (like I did last week), you'd think this was his dream come true.

His training marks the first "real" military duty and it will most definitely be a new and challenging experience. Though brief, it is also the longest we have ever been apart for our 8 years of being together. With very limited contact, this will be a challenge for me as well.

I am challenged to pray for him throughout each day. To pray scripture over him and be a supportive wife while I'm thousands of miles away. To stay positive and not throw pity parties for myself (though that's exactly what I feel like doing). I am humbled when I think of the wives, husbands, and families who have their loved ones gone for many more months and even years. Their strength is admirable. Their humility is praiseworthy.

Thank you friends and family for support and prayers! 

Lastly, thank you to all of the past, current, and future military folks for the sacrifices you make. Happy Independence Day!