Here's a look into my life from last week. Truth be told, I'm obsessed with instagram. I know, I know, I'm late to jump on the bandwagon. But, I've jumped alright. I've leaped. I'm like a kid bouncing on a trampoline while also on a pogo stick (do you think that's possible?).  I sometimes go slightly overboard with taking photos with my camera; but now, I go way overboard taking photos on my iphone. Oh boy...  It's just so much fun to document life and have instant editing options. Besides that, it's much more discrete (and lighter) than carrying my big SLR camera and snapping away. Love it! 

Anyways, these are a week old (I've got a whole new batch, don't you worry). I'm pretty sure people that follow me both on my blog and on instagram may wonder, "when does this girl ever work?" All she does is play, craft, take pictures, cook, etc. Well my friendly followers, I promise I work full time every week and I promise I have lots other happenings in my life that I don't publicize. I'll have to do a post on a typical schedule, as I often receive questions about a RN's schedule. Taking photos helps me open my eyes and see the every day beauty around me in a different way. On my drive to work or while I'm running errands, or on a walk, or making dinner, I see things and think, "hmmm, that would make a nice picture. That sure is pretty." Then I snap a pic and look back on it later and am reminded of that moment or that view, etc. 


 I have been very busy with visitors! Friends, family, you name it! I have so enjoyed showing friends the city of Portland as well as our home. Not to mention catching up! This gal in the owl hat (Lynsey) has spent the last year in Myanmar. I could not have been more excited to see her and hear how her last year has been.

Happy Wednesday! 

I love seeing other's "everyday beauty" as well! 
My instagram name is jennagracer.