Help me Rhonda, Help, Help me Rhonda


It was so nice to have my Aunt Rhonda here from Houston for a few days last week. I used this opportunity to take her to some of my favorite Portland spots. Though we both decided that more time was necessary to hit up everything, I think she got a good taste of this great city. There was a lot of eating, walking, and sightseeing. She even assisted me with a mini newborn photo shoot. I sure had a blast!

Here are 10 "Portland" things that we did while she was here (photos don't correspond with #'s):

1. Antique shopping and walking in Sellwood (Milwaukee st) 
2. Farmer's Market (Pioneer Square)
3. Strolls along SW Waterfront
4. Mississippi Street Fair (NE Portland)
4. Little Big Burger (Mississippi St)
5. Cha Cha Cha (mexican food NE Portland)
6. Aerial tram ride up to "the hill" (OHSU)
7. Pine State Biscuits  *Rhonda rated this her #1 fav*
8. Walking/Shopping along Alberta St. (NE Portland)
9. The Waffle Window II (Alberta St- NE Portland.) **Rhonda rated #2 fav**
10. Pedicure & walking/shopping along NW 23rd St (NW Portland)

 Just for your listening pleasure, I've included this lovely song... I was surprised that just 1 person started singing it when meeting us.