Awesome & Awkward

  • A Monday night delicious picnic dinner at the park with friends
  • A few hours spent with my favorite little man, Isaac
  • Hearing Andrew talk on the phone about a "fun" activity that he successfully completed at Air Force Officer training... can't wait to hear more and see him soon!
  • THESE amazing cookies from Christine over at Apartment 46
  • Expecting the worst at a dental appointment (because it's been years) but getting great news! No cavities!  
  • Crying alone in the ophthalmology exam room at a 2 hour long eye appointment. I was starving. The tech was rude. I'm practically blind. I'm emotionally exhausted. And, I miss my best friend like crazy...
  • Showing up to a mini photo shoot smelling like baby spit up (Thank you sweet Isaac)
  • Realizing that I've nearly emptied my husband's drawer of t-shirts. Wearing his shirts is the closest thing I can get to a hug...
  • I've also completely taken over his side of the bed...
  • Taking out the trash and gagging all the way down the hallway to the trash shoot... thankfully no one was in the hallway to see me