Sugar Surprise

 If I just finished my first year of medical school, I think I'd like to be surprised with a tower of doughnuts when I walk in the door. How about you? At least that's what I think my hubby would like. We'll see... 

Okay, I admit... the tower was supposed to be a whopping 1 doughnut higher. I bet you can't guess where the 4th one went...
You try to avoid inhaling one after a 12 hr shift!

I'm doing a major happy dance right now. For a few reasons: 

1. Sugar high
2. Hubby is done with school for a few months!
3. I just worked all night and am fuzzy headed... but I don't have to go back for a few days!!!
4. It's ridiculously beautiful outside
4. We're headed to my happy place this afternoon
5. We are in charge of cooking dinner for everyone tonight. You guessed it, we're having mexican food! Duh.... 
6. Family time all weekend! 

Have a splendid weekend folks!