Nurse Dinner Party & Celebration

My friend Christine (fellow med-student-wife. Check out her blog,  Apartment 46) graduated Nursing School! Woo hoo! Such an accomplishment and an excellent opportunity to celebrate. With everyone in attendance in the medical field, my other RN friend, Catherine, and I worked together to host a breakfast-for-dinner party full of medically-termed menu items. Here's your opportunity to stop reading if you want... Hope this doesn't gross you out! 

I think Catherine and I had just as much fun spontaneously planning it (the morning of) as we did enjoying the little get-together. Check out some of the menu items! 

Some favorites were: 
 Chymal Crunch
Sputum Spuds
Pus, Placenta Waffles 
Hematurinade (strawberry lemonade. Hematuria=bloody urine)
Apple Emesis Pies

 We filled saline flush syringes (completely sterile packaged & even washed prior to use) with strawberry puree for everyone to ooze into their lemonade beverages. Thus making hematurinade or hematuria (bloody urine).

There's Catherine working hard on the menu! 
 Bile & Adipose, Albumin-Infused Epithelial Wrap = (Avacado, Ham, & egg crepe fold-over) {Via}
 Chymal Crunch= Potato, bacon, egg, & cheese muffin-shaped bites   {Via}
Apple Emesis Pies (served with ice cream)  {Via}
The gorgeous graduate!

The boys...  1st year of med school nearly complete!   
"Open your surprise Mommy. I hope it's a toy!"  ~Sam
 Nope, just some new scrubs! 
Great times with good friends! Congrats again, Christine; & thanks for taking some of these photos as well!