I love moments like these...

When I realize that my husband could not be more perfect for me. That his humor, his patience, his kindness, his laughter, his ability to empathize, to understand, to comfort, & to make me laugh is simply perfect.

When he comes home and I sneak around the corner to surprise-rapter-attack him and he is already in rapter mode to counter attack. (He makes a pretty darn believable rapter. Sound effects and all). Real mature, I know. Have I mentioned his love for dinosaurs?

 When he plays his favorite song of the day and beat boxes through it before bed, and then gets all upset at himself because it riled him up... yet he does it night after night. 

When he prays out loud before going to sleep. Love those precious moments.

The fact that I have very few photos of him being normal because he refuses to be serious or actually smile in a photo. I think it's his life-goal to ruin as many photos as possible.Yet, I look through them and crack up every time...

I thank God every day for this man. What a blessing he is in my life. 
My heart is happy and content. 

Okay, go ahead and gag from the lovey-mushiness... all done, I promise!