Embroidery Hoops

Our guestroom/office is currently the "stash-all" room in our apartment. I'm hoping to spruce it up this summer and transform it to be a functional, comfortable space for both a guest to stay and for Andrew to use as his study/work space. The room is small, but I find inspiration in the photo above. I love the embroidery hoops! I did a little DIY hoop project (seen below) that currently decorates a little wall in our hall for now. However, I'm hoping to use them in the guestroom/office makeover this summer.
Embroidery hoops + fabric make great wall decor! I used left over fabric & bought hoops from Michaels.

Cut fabric into the size of the hoop and simply place it between the wooden hoops & tighten. So easy!
Inspiration from pinterest of course. Check out all of the ways the folks used embroidery hoops. So cute!

Is your mind swirling with ideas yet? .....Mine is!