Awesome & Awkward Wednesday

  • Playing "zombies" on the foggy beach with the cousins (Have you watched the Walking Dead? Gruesome, but great show... Hence where my current zombie fascination stems).
  • This Zombie 5K run. You need motivation to run? How about zombies coming after you the whole time? Seriously, how much fun would this be? 
  • Spending relaxing time at the beach with family all weekend with tons of delicious food
  • Watching my mister enjoy himself without schoolwork and studying looming over his head. He's so happy...
  • Long walks & good talks
  • I've gone without my coffee treats for almost a week.... whhhhaaaattt?
  • Morning yoga on the beach. SO relaxing
  • The teenage boy at the self-check-out stand having to get my attention to tell me: "ummm.... your.... uhh... (his face turns bright red).... umm... those..... (points)... Yeah, those are on my bagging... umm.. area... ". Translation: Your feminine products are on my bagging area. I chuckled the whole way out to my car. Hehe...
  • Trying to eat lunch while the window washing man washes the windows right next to the kitchen... then moving to the bedroom to eat because it was just too weird
  • The people that came out of their house to see why I was photographing something in their yard from my car... stopped in the middle of the road...  It was worth the weird looks
  • Working on a different unit that I usually do and stumbling around to find equipment. "Hello, I'm Jenna and I'll be your awkward night nurse who appears like she doesn't know what she's doing. So nice to meet you."