Husbands really do care

Just in case anyone is wondering, husbands really do care if the dishes are done, the laundry is clean, yummy meals are made, and wives are home. "No duh!" right?  I've been a far less-than-perfect-wife the past week and I was reminded in the sweetest, gentlest way possible by my loving husband. 

 Don't get me wrong, he helps when he can and we discussed a few more ways to help each other with house work. But, sometimes I get pre-occupied with work, crafts, photography/editing, projects, pinterest, blogging, hanging out with friends, you name it... 

I was reminded this week that it is important to take care of our home, my husband & his needs. I adore him and can honestly say there is more joy and happiness when things are taken care of at home. Sometimes I just need a respectful little kick in the rear to get motivated.

I got my kick, do you need yours?