With an unusually sunny week in Oregon- we got our little deck set up! After a quick trip to Ikea and just 10 minutes of getting everything unwrapped and set up, I'm pleased with the simple, cozy, little space we created. 

Still want to get:
  • Tomato plant
  • Maybe a little tree/larger plant of sorts (to place in the corner I'm photographing from in most pics for more privacy)
  • Herbs? 
  • Deck bulb lights
We've spent some time each day this week on the balcony and look forward to lots of summer use! It's the perfect spot to read a book, journal, enjoy afternoon sweet tea, people watch, surf the web, you name it! It has also been nice to step outside and enjoy dinner without the distraction of the tv being on or the computer open, etc. I cherish eating dinner most nights before heading off to work with my hubby and eating outside makes it 10x better! 

table & chairs- $70
cushions -$8 each (x2)
flat woven rug- $25
black & white striped back pillow- $5
extra plants & pot- ~$10

Considering that we still have lots of moving ahead in our future, I tried to purchase only items that could work both inside and outside. 

*The cushions/rug are brought in after use though they could stay out. I don't trust the rain/wind and don't mind the mini hassle of doing so*