Awesome & Awkward

  • New addition to the family! Baby Isaac- he's incredibly adorable and is such a blessing. Welcome to the family baby cousin!
  • Learning a lot at work this week by caring for some very sick newborns. Having awesome staff members that are incredibly helpful is always a bonus. Though I love caring for these little ones, I love it more when NICU can come save the day!  
  • These new picture shelves & my new "Jenna corner."  (Organized chaos? What do you think?)
  •  Fro-Yo date with my brother & Mamaw (in Oregon for the summer from Iowa & Texas).
  • Snuggling with my hubby.
  • Beautiful weather for over a week... hello sunshine, welcome to the NW! We're thrilled you're here!
  • Hearing my Mr. talk about all he's learning in med school. I love his passion & excitement. More-so, I couldn't stop smiling when he told me about his "elder-care" visit this week and the kind lady he got to know. My husband has such a sweet spirit & kind heart. Seriously, how many men would enjoy talking with an old woman from a nursing home and not stop talking about all he learned from her (following HIPAA of course, no worries!).
  •  Feeling jetlagged every day of my life...working nights and having absolutely no consistency seriously puts a damper on my overall health. Constantly fuzzy headed, frequent headaches, fatigue...  ick. 
  • Filling out a bank slip 4 times (I messed up that many times) before the bankteller had to take over and do it for me. Yeah, that whole fuzzy headed thing.... kinda scary/getting ridiculous and obvious to others! Oh, did I mention the bankteller was a good friend? Hey Matt- thanks for taking over and being understanding! 
  • As one room gets cleaned up- another fills up with junk/laundry/stuff to clean & organize. I like to trick myself into thinking the apartment is clean... until I walk into that other room & am outed by the piles staring back at me. It's been 6 weeks in our new place- you'd think we'd be all settled in & organized by now! 
  • My sunburn from 3 weekends ago... Someone from work said, "Oh, you're sunburnt! When I saw you yesterday, I thought you were just really anxious & nervous." Ha... awesome...

 Pre-photo shelf "Jenna corner" 
I'm not sure if I like it better now or not. However, with the new photo shelves- I can interchange photos & mix things up, which I like!