Yes, Yes they smiled

I was humbly reminded that it is Good Friday in the wee early hours of this morning. I walked into one of my patient's rooms to find them knelt in prayer. They may not have spoken more than a word or two of english, but I am thankful for their devotion and example. "Good Friday" I said. "Yes, Yes..." they smiled and responded. 

What a somber, yet triumphant day.

Christ conquered sin. Through his death on the cross, we can choose life. 

No clearer words declare this than Jesus': "It is finished." John 21:20

But, the story doesn't end there...

PS- As I'm "gearing down" to fall asleep in order to work again tonight, Andrew is "pumping himself up" by beat-boxing and singing... very impressively I might add. What better way to get ready for an exam? I wish you all could hear this...