Together Weekend

What a beautiful weekend in the pacific northwest! We not only took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine, but also of the surprising amount of free time we BOTH had/could make (don't get me wrong, there were tons of other things we could have & maybe should have gotten done this weekend). I can't express enough how fabulous it was to spend intentional time together. Unlike housework- it's something you can't "just do another time." We are learning to be intentional about our time together & really take advantage of free moments or entire free days!

Weekend together happenings:
1. Sleeping in until noon. No joke. I never do that! It was glorious!
2. Long walk in the sunshine along the river & bird watching! Proud of us Dad?
3. We did our taxes... finally! 
4. Homemade dinner & cuddling/tv night
5. Church
6. Picnic (we brought our own snacks & grabbed some grub from Sonic on the way) at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
7. Tulips! 

 Sick of looking at tulips yet? Wait until tomorrow's post and then you'll really be sick of them! But really, check out tomorrow's post for some of my favorite pics of not only tulips but other fun finds from the farm as well! Sorry for all of the photos of us- I may have gone a bit overboard.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS- Are we the only people who struggle to get photos together anywhere we go? We have to strategically choose someone to ask to take a photo of us together. Sometimes we get lucky and some kind person offers out of the blue. I try to return the favor whenever possible. We got lucky with TWO whole pictures together this weekend. Woo hoo!