Swords & Suspenders

Awkward & Bummer
  •  Andrew had a presentation this week. He wore suspenders & a polka-dot tie. Then he informed me that he may have also worn a cowboy hat... Then I found swords near his backpack. I hope it ended there. Since when did swords, suspenders, & cowboy hats coincide with med school? I did appreciate the sword lesson he gave me though.
  • Lady in white pants biking to work... in the pouring rain = black bike seat stain imprinted up her behind. Classy.
  •  Not seeing Andrew for 2 days because of our opposite schedules. Missing our usual 30 minute dinner overlap before work. Thankful for sticky note love messages left on pillows & text updates.
  • Mixing up my left and right with a patient at work. Duh Jenna,  Anatomy 101... Embarrassing.
  • Getting the oil changed after working a 12 hr night shift and a morning meeting. The guys were cracking up at me. I couldn't correctly turn on my lights- that's what the auto setting is for! "Open the hood? Umm... hold on, let me find the switch..."  The list goes on... Hello ditz city. 
  • Dreaming that my hubby birthed our 1st baby. Weirdest dream to date. Except, I cried because I was so proud of him. Unfortunately our baby was very small (SGA for my nurse friends). Andrew was very upset and disappointed in himself- then he told me I didn't feed him enough (which is probably true). He also thought it was weird to be bleeding so much. Welcome to womanhood honey. Anyways- we had a mini-Andrew clone; squirmy and all. So strange... No, we're not pregnant. I promise!
  • Dear yappy neighbor dog, please stop barking in the middle of the day. I know the rest of the world is awake, but I'm desperately trying to sleep for work. Yappy yap yap. Ughh...