Portland Farmer's Market

One of the best parts about living in the city is being so close to fun things like Saturday Farmer's Markets. Even better: free public transportation. Thank you Portland for having so many transportation options. And, for never failing to deliver endless entertainment on your busy streets. I love people-watching and could probably do it for endless hours every day. 

Jon, Andrew, & Brandon enjoying pine state biscuits. So yummy!
Catherine, myself, Christine & Sam  {copied photos from Catherine- Thanks friend!}
This guy is not only crazy, but more-so, incredibly creepy... See what I mean about endless entertainment on the streets of Portland?
Christine & Jon
Check our her awesome blog, Apartment 46
Christine & little Sam
Beautiful family -- sorry for the blur!
Christine, Catherine, little Sam, and me

I look forward to more Saturday farmer's markets this summer! Do you have a favorite farmer's market buy? I usually feel overwhelmed and end up leaving with just photographs on my camera and nothing purchased. Maybe that's for the better...