Med School & Hubby Update

As some have been asking, here is a medical school/Hubby update!

This handsome dude has 1 more course/quarter until summer! Nearly 1 year down... many years to go. He's precepting in the children's emergency department and occasionally in the adult emergency department. Between classes, studying, precepting, & volunteering at various functions (Medical clinics, high schools, etc.), he keeps very busy! He is still playing indoor soccer with a med-school-friend team and enjoys doing so. 

Andrew still says he wouldn't have it any other way. He's working very hard and I couldn't be more proud of him. He still makes it a priority to spend time together and plans his time to where we can see each other as much as possible with opposite schedules. Simply put, it amazes me how considerate and kind he is in the midst of being stressed and so busy. 

We were able to reflect a little bit this weekend on where we are at in our lives and our dreams for the future. Ultimately, we both feel so blessed beyond measure and have no one except our heavenly father to thank and give glory to. We want to use our medical knowledge/experience in the future to outreach and help others and are so grateful to be on the same page and partner together in our dreams for this potential.  Only God knows what this will look like- but I believe that God is preparing our hearts now for what he has in store. 

We are thankful to friends and family for prayers and support- it means so much to us!