A little something

There's a little something called exercise & girlfriends that I'm extremely grateful for today. Heading straight to the gym after having a crazy night at work is simply brilliant. I must do this more often! Even better is when I can meet up with my RN friend Catherine after her busy night as well. Share stories, vent, workout... it's great.

It's refreshing.

Let me tell you... if you had a withdrawing newborn patient who didn't sleep a wink all night and cried yelled its sweet little face off,  after a 12 hr shift 10 minutes, you'd be pretty frazzled too! Add all my other patients and a full unit in there as well... and boy am I pooped! Thankful for hardworking team members & positive attitudes!

Guess what this weekend is... 

Yep, you guessed it: the triple baby shower! I'm excited!!!