That's Awkward...

"Carleen... I don't have any photos for this morning's blog post. Let's be awkward!" Thanks girly!
Just enough time for a bathroom break at work! I've got to start emptying my bladder more frequently!

Baby Shower invites all printed & distributed. Before I decided I wanted to be a nurse, graphic design was my career interest...

  • One of my patient/families called me their 'angel' last week. How could that not feel good?
  • Taking a dance workout class with Catherine. We salsa'd & even did some African dancing! My left calf is very sore.... just the left one... strange.
  • Cuddling up together & starting the Downton Abbey 1st season with my hubsters. I love every moment I can get with him.
  • I have planned a summer vacation that I'm quite thrilled about & even better, so is Andrew! I'll share at some point, but just know that I can't wait!
  • Being surprised with amazing dinners every night before work last week by Andrew. Seriously? He's amazing.
  • As I've already mentioned in yesterday's post. We're moving! To celebrate, I just made a purchase for some wall art that I've been eying to go in our new place. I'll find any reason for celebration or to justify buying some new decor... 

  •  Ordered my usual 'energizer' for work this weekend: iced non fat white mocha with light whip (except not from my usual place). No whip on my drink. Hey! I like the whip! "Pardon me, I ordered light whip, would you mind adding some for me?" Response: "Oh, well you said you wanted non-fat, so I assumed that means no whip. At least for most people it does." Wham. Sure made me feel silly. "Well, they cancel each other out in my mind. Thanks!" And I chuckle all the way up to my unit. Now I'm self conscious when ordering whip on my skim-milked drink...
  • Who's that crazy girl driving extremely slow in the gym parking garage around and around? She's annoying everyone behind her (long line has formed). Oh, now she pulled off to the side and excitingly ran out of the car to pick something up off of the ground. Ohhh, right.... that's me. Yep, I somehow dropped my validated parking ticket somewhere before getting to my car. No way to pay to get out. Who brings a wallet to the gym anyway?  Only way out: find the ticket! After circling a few times, I spied it and I was set free! Woot woot! 
  • The guy in front of me in line at Costco acting unusually friendly and trying very hard to start up conversation... until he awkwardly & very obviously spotted the ring on my finger. The convo took a 180 degree turn. It was quite humorous. Thanks for making me laugh Costco 2-item buyer (who only buys 2 items when at costco? That takes some serious focus), best of luck to you!
  • Getting called into work on my mandatory standby shift without knowing I was on call.... awesome way to start my stretch at work. Not. Thankfully, the instant I walked onto the unit, I was asked to go "catch a baby" at a c-section (I have heard that people think that I literally catch the baby... just to clarify, the baby is handed directly to me by the doc or whoever and I go from there. Though it does take some skill to keep hold of the slippery newborn as I'm sure you can imagine without me going into details)... ooooookkkk, here's where the adrenaline kicks in & thankfully remained with me for the remainder of my busy shift that I had not prepared for (i.e. sleep).
I'm thankful for awkward moments in my life as they are constant humility checks!

That about wraps it up!