Tea & Biscuits: Portland Style

My new favorite thing: meeting up with friends for breakfast! I've done so 3 times this week- I know... a little excessive! I'm out to find the best breakfast eateries in Portland and it also happens to be spring break for many. Thus meaning- friends are in town!  My sweet friend Laura (soon-to-be Pharmacist) and I got the chance to meet up for breakfast yesterday! We enjoyed biscuits at Pine State Biscuits and tea at Townshends. Pros: Adorable neighborhood (NE Portland- Alberta St), no need to pay for parking, TONS of places to try all on the same street, delicious food, & rainy weather- so it really felt like a " Pacific Northwest" day.
It got slightly awkward when I ordered a meat, egg, & cheese biscuit and received a blank stare for a few seconds. That's what it's called on the menu. I stared right back quite confused and the gal finally asked, "which type of animal will you be eating today." She's probably vegetarian or vegan... definitely didn't like the phrasing of that question. Made me really think about the little pig that was slaughtered for my over-salted ham biscuit (other than the extremely salty ham, it was yummo. The amount of salt was so atrocious that it would probably cause an extreme exacerbation in a congestive heart failure patient...  potentially leading to death... for reals. I won't get the ham next time; and there will be a next time!).

 Don't you just want to curl up in this 70's flower chair & read a good book, sip your tea, and watch the rain/wind outside. I want to go back and do just that!