Sunday Bunday

 The sock bun or "doughnut bun" is old news... I know.  I woke up late for work Saturday night & like many nights, had no time to thoroughly blow dry. So, I gave the "sock bun" a try. I came out of the bathroom to have Andrew inspect my bun to see if he could see any sock (not buns... though he tried to do that too...). No sock seen. Off to work I went! 

After a busy 12 hour shift, I got home just in time to change & head to church. This was probably the best way to end a stressful 4 nights of work. I Sang my soul out in worship (there weren't many people sitting immediately around us... so I sang extra loud). 

Then, what better way to celebrate both being off for a couple of nights and my successful sock bun than to eat doughnuts! 

Thanks Doughnut Land for giving me just enough of a sugar high to make it home before falling asleep.

For an easy to follow tutorial on how to do a sock bun click here or watch the video below (She's silly, I'm warning you).

Hope you all had a more exciting weekend than I did and have a fabulous Monday up ahead!