Nerd Alert...




I usually avoid and even boycott going to the movies at all cost. Not today. I can't wait (until this afternoon) to watch The Hunger Games. My sweet hubby planned it all out and has "surprised" me with tickets. 

I read all 3 books in less than a week, which is quite unheard of in my life. I'm not a huge reader and don't easily get behind these obsessions for books & movies (i.e. Harry Potter or Twighlight... never happened). But the Hunger Games is not only thrilling and unique, but gave me much to ponder. 

Confession: After reading the series I occasionally had to convince myself that my home was not "bugged" by the capitol. I would see animals/birds and would wonder if I could strike them with an arrow for dinner... seriously, the games gets in your head! It's that good. 

Did anyone go to the midnight showing? How was it!?!?