Guess what? We're moving! Not until the end of the month...but we are very excited to be making a little move to a larger space. My favorite part= tons of natural light & windows!!!

If I've counted correctly, this will personally be my 16th  17th moving process. 17!! Wowzers...

College life definitely increases those numbers but I still feel like 16 is getting up there. The hubby & I have a lot more moving up ahead in our lives & I'm excited to make sweet memories at each place we will call home.
.So true.

Favorite moving necessities
Rubbermaid tubs
Colored sharpies
Cool refreshing drinks & snacks

 My family's moving motto goes something like this: Assembly line & go, go, go until you're done! We've got it down to a science. My father and brother literally transform into a moving machine thirsty for boxes/tubs to transport. Only if everything is stacked & ready, labeled & organized that is. I learned that if I want help, dozens of hours of prep work is required.  Seriously, they rock. Now it'll be Andrew & I. Things may be a little different. Though we have helped each other move in the past and joined together to move into our current space, the things we were moving were in many ways "mine" & "his" and not "ours" as they are now. Thankfully, Andrew shines in his ability to think logically where as I just want to get the job done as quickly as possible. I'm sure we'll learn along the way & hopefully make this move a fun process. A positive attitude & frequent snacks are key (to combat low blow sugar which if not regulated quickly turns me into a whining, fussing, and completely discombobulated & helpless being).

If I'm a little M.I.A. this month, this is why!

Any great moving tips?