More Hands-On

 I'm using a star wars quote because it sums this post up nicely- here's where my hubby says, 'That's my girl!' ...

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is. ~Yoda (Star Wars episode II)

How did you "play" as a child? What kept you occupied and busy? I read the following article and discovered a blog site below that got me thinking about the importance of hands-on activities.

We are becoming a "software instead of a screwdriver society." Check out this brief article about importance of hands-on-learning. 

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 Every trip to Grandmas & Granddaddy's included a "project" of some sort. Each of us had our preferences, but my grandparents knew us well. My brother learned how to build cars, fix gadgets, & work every tool on the planet. My sister mostly read, but enjoyed a little crafting here and there. Grandma taught me how to sew, braid, cut, glue, & everything to do with crafting. They always "put us to work" on our projects. We were even driving in the backyard at a very young age (4 or 5). I've got a nasty scar on my knee to show for my brother running into a tree. He was driving us in the little Model T car like this one below.

What joy and sense of satisfaction I felt when completing a project or learning something new. And, I always had something to show for it! I treasure those moments and the priority they set on teaching us to use our hands and brains together as one. Even when stuck in a motor-home driving all over the country, they were always teaching us. We watched very little television or movies. We didn't have to go to theme parks or seek entertainment outside the home. Their house was a kingdom of creation; a zone of construction & inspiration.

All this to say, I found this mom's blog about hands-on projects for her children and I'm extremely impressed and inspired! There are countless projects and activities that she helps her children with. They must be learning so much every day. The responsibility of parenthood is so great and it is easy to let technology take over keeping kids occupied and distracted. There is a time and place for technology- don't get me wrong. And, I don't have kids and have little authority when it comes to parenting. I just know how grateful I am for my parents & grandparents for their commitment to teaching us to be continual hands-on-learners.
 Seriously, check out her blog! It's awesome. If you (like me) don't have children, store it away for later...