Awkward & Awesome & Almond Everything Pancakes

Didn't have much energy to cook. Thankful for good ol' bisquick. Here's a little spin off of plain pancakes. Andrew has informed me that I eat a TON of dairy. I do. Mostly too much cheese. We're working on limiting dairy and using alternatives here and there. So- I have been drinking more almond milk and soy milk. It's sure not the same, but I can't tell when cooking with it. 

Almond Everything Pancakes
2 1/2 cups bisquick
1 1/4 cups almond milk
1/4 cup chopped almonds
chocolate chips

Half were chocolate chip, half were blueberry. They were delicious! 

PS- the A is for Andrew, not Almond...

  • Being 5 hours into my 2nd shift and realizing my watch was still an hour behind from daylight savings. Oops...
  • Sleeping for 13 hours straight ... Thank you night shifts for terribly wearing me out.
  • Being woken up by Andrew from a nap and me freaking out (half asleep) that I didn't feed the baby. What baby? Then I come back to reality and realize that I've been dreaming about breastfeeding babies.... again...Weird? I know. Even weirder is how often I have these dreams. Seriously work, get out of my head on my time off please! 
  • The fact that my husband knows way too much about the actress "Anna" from Downton Abbey. Like how old she is, etc. He has a mini crush on her...  I don't blame him, I like her too! It got really awkward when I tried to speak like her in an English accent. He didn't think it was very cute... or sexy...  he just laughed at me. I'll take it!
  • Being peed all over by one of the newborns at work. Further solidified why I prefer wearing hospital issued scrubs.
  • The Bachelor. Courtney & Ben. Enough said.
  • These pancakes. Yum.
  • Getting to catch up with my friend Sam!
  • Having 3 nights off. Praise the Lord- I need them.
  • The fact that my hubby has somewhat of a free weekend. Date day on Saturday! I don't care if it's raining horses and dinosaurs outside, I can't wait!
  • A great message at church last week. Can't wait for this Sunday's message! 
  • Walking into one of my Antepartum patient's rooms and her exclaiming how glad she was to see me and happy that I was her nurse that night. I'd only had her once the week prior. Brightened my day. I think God knows how to keep me motivated and positive at work.
  • Hearing my hubby laugh in his sleep. 
Happy Friday!