Stumptown Shower Hostesses

 I can mark Stumptown Coffee off of my Portland Rainy Day To-Do List, though I will definitely be returning. This place is what I call quality! Not only was the coffee delicious, and the atmosphere sophisticated yet cozy, but the baristas and staff were outstanding! McKenzie (a friend, nurse mentor,  fellow crafter, and amazing gal) and I showed up and looked at the menu and food items off to the side. We decided what we wanted and turned around to order. In a matter of seconds, a LARGE line had formed in front of us... bummer. We walked to the end of the line when one of the kind barista men came from out of no where all the way to the end of the long line. He said he'd be happy to help us in front of the line. What? Who does that? Really?.......... Impressive! That is some serious customer service! All of the staff was kind & helpful. I was entirely blown away and highly recommend Stumptown Coffee.


We had an afternoon full of baby shower hostess planning, craft shopping, and catching up. 

I'm so thankful for McKenzie. She is a breath of fresh air and someone that I deeply respect. I'm not sure what I would have done without her in my first 6 months of being a brand new nurse. Thanks for constantly encouraging & challenging me McKenzie! 

Lots of fun projects planned! I'll definitely be posting updates...