Spontaneous Afternoon Date

 After a busy Monday, we spontaneously decided to sneak away downtown and have a little afternoon date! I love spontaneous dates (and after Andrew finishes an exam= free afternoon without feeling guilty for not studying)! We planned on grabbing some coffee from Sterling Coffee Roasters however, they closed at 3. So, we missed them. Instead, we walked a few blocks in the chilly air & sunshine until we found an apparent suitable alternative - Coffee Time. Turns out, the coffee was not my favorite and the service was unimpressive. In fact, my white mocha tasted nothing like a white mocha. I had to go ask for more chocolate... Sorry Coffee Time, but I probably won't be visiting you again.

 I wore a bow headband for Andrew. I feel like I look like a 3 year old. Or Minnie Mouse. But he loves bows! It's the least I could do...  

However, nothing can ruin a date with my hubby. We read from our current devotional book called 'Igniting a Life of Generosity' and were challenged to think of areas in our life that we are not giving up ownership to God. Everything belongs to God- everything. Oftentimes I forget that. Gave us lots to think and pray about. In addition, we enjoyed a few rounds of family feud. We lost. Classic. Lastly, we both got a good laugh at the following occurance. It goes something like this:

Jenna: Andrew, I found this verse the other day that has to do with medication! I have to show you!
Andrew: Ok, what is it?
Jenna: (finds it and begins to read it out loud) "My mouth shall speak wisdom, the meditat.... wait... what.... Wait a second... hold on.. ohhhhhh... HA." (Andrew realizes what I did and we both crack up).
Andrew: You're such a good reader.... you goof.

Too bad I wrote this (below photo) note in my bible margin prior to realizing my mistake.  Medication, meditation-- what's the big difference anyway? I'm not sure why medication in that verse would ever make any sense. Why did I not catch that before? Can I blame being a nurse for this?

The real verse reads, "My mouth shall speak wisdom, the meditation of my heart shall be understanding."  Psalm 49:3

After a fabulous little date, an intense yoga class, and a delicious bean chile-filled evening, I enjoyed watching Ben from the Bachelor be a fool. I'm probably the fool for watching... Don't deny it, I know you're watching too!