Portland Rainy/Winter Day To Do List

Here's my winter/rainy day Portland activity list thus far. I'm kind of a woos when it comes to weather. I should just be able to throw on my rain coat and go hiking or biking, or whatever else. I'm supposed to be an Oregonian right? Eh, I'm a woos. Here's my rule: If I can't take my camera out and take photos (because there's too much rain), it's a no-go. Maybe I should invest in one of those no hands umbrella hat things? That would go nicely with my unicycle! Or not...

Most of these activities aren't necessarily appealing to my hubby, but most are great solo activities for a nice day off. Or... when I'm avoiding house work....
1. The Portland Art Museum offers free admission on the fourth Friday of every month from 5-8 p.m. Maybe I can bribe Andrew to come with if we go get ice cream after... that usually works.

2. Find a corner in Powell's City of Books and read, read, read....
This place can be packed with tourists though. Key point- corner. Too bad I didn't save the Hunger Games for one of these afternoons at Powell's.

3. Try out new coffee shops in town. I've got my eye on Coffee House Northwest, Sterling Coffee RoastersStumptown Coffee Roasters on Stark. I can get to 2 of these very easily off of the street car line that I can ride for free. 

4. Ride the aerial tram up to OHSU (free for me). Find a spot with a view and watercolor! 

5. Take an adult ballet class! for beginners of course...   Oregon Ballet Theatre
This wouldn't necessarily be the cheapest activity, but I've always wanted to learn ballet!